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How to purchase: Apple AppStore

Supported Platform: iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display

Supported OS: iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8

Afanche Technologies Inc. has released a variety of 3D file viewers for the iPad. The apps provide 3D visualization support for many popular 3D file formats including STL, 3DS, IGES, STEP, X-T/X-B(Parasolid), VRML, DAE (Collada), DXF (Autodesk), SKP (SketchUp), Blend (Blender), SHP (ESRI), OBJ, TER, SMD, Q3D, Q3S, MDL, MD2, MD3, MD5Mesh, CSM, ASE, B3D, OFF, AC, MS3D, PLY, NFF, RAW, ASC, CSV, PCD, NAS, MESH, UNV, APT, G-Code (CNC), etc. Those formats are widely used by almost all popular 3D applications including CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Maya, ZBrush, Google SketchUp, 3DS Max, SolidWorks, NX, ProE (PTC Creo, ProEngineer), TurboCAD, SolidEdge, SpaceClaim, and many others.

Viewer Navigation Controls and Tools

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app provides many 3D navigation features including rotating models with finger gestures, zooming in/out, panning, changing color, changing light intensity, etc. You can also choose to display your model in shading mode or wireframe mode. The Afanche3D™ Viewer app supports loading multiple models at the same time, allowing you to view your 3D models together. It is extremely helpful when you want to compare your data sets to make sure everything works correctly. You can also use the Afanche3D™ Viewer app to figure out basic dimensions of your model. For instance, you can measure the length along x, y or z direction, total surface area, and total volume.

Viewer Background Image

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app supports rendering 3D objects on top of different backgrounds. You can change the background color of your model and make it transparent or use an image as the background (you can choose any image to be the background image). For example, you can use a model’s environment image or even your company's logo.

Viewer File Importing and Exporting

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app also provides strong 3D data exporting capabilites. You can export 3D models in STL, DAE, DXF, OBJ, VRML, PLY, OFF, and ATD formats. You can add files to 3D Viewer app's document folder through iTunes and use the file open button to load them. You can also use the 3D Viewer app to open 3D files you received as an email attachment. Just tap on the attachment in your email app and the 3D viewer will be launched automatically. Additionally, you can use the 3D Viewer to open 3D files from third party file management sites like DropBox and other popular cloud based services.

Viewer File Management

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app is not just a 3D data file viewer. It is also a file organizer with custom file sorting features that you can use find your model quickly; as you can sort by file name or by file creation date. If you have too many models in the app's folder, you can use the delete button to remove files that you no longer need. The app supports folders so that you can create folders to better organize your projects. It also provides zip and unzip functions. You can use it to zip / unzip compressed files in .zip format. You can also get information about your files using our app such as the size and creation date of them. If you need to share a 3D model with friends, coworkers, clients, or partners, then you can use the in-app email feature to send your model out as an email attachment.

Viewer Native Support for Microsoft and Apple Products

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app provides native support for you to view documents in many different formats, including Microsoft Words (.doc, .docx), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint(.ppt, .pptx), Apple Numbers (.numbers), Pages(.pages), Keynote(.key), Adobe PDF (.pdf) and multimedia files including image (.png and .jpg) and video (.mov,.mp4,.3gp). This way, you can manage and view not only 3D files, but also other files for your project.

Viewer Drawing Tool

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app provides a unique in-app reviewing feature. You can easily take a screen-shot of your file (3D or office document), add edits and comments on the screen-shot, and email your changes. It supports many drawing elements such as free form, line, text, rectangle, circle, ellipse, etc. It also supports undo/redo.

Viewer Ease of Use

The Afanche3D™ Viewer app is very powerful and super easy to use, and there is no learning curve. The app is super fast and is capable of loading very large models. Afanche3D™ visualization apps are widely used by professionals worldwide, including ones from the following industries: CAD, CAM, PLM, 3D Graphics Design, 3D Animation, 3D Art, Medical, Floor Planning, Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR), Civil Engineering, GIS, Machining, Mechanical, Architecture, Urban Planning, and many others.